Justice DTS
05 July 2021-26 November 2021

Lecture Phase . . . . . . . . .NZ$5,000
Outreach Phase . . . . . . . TBD
Our fees are INCLUSIVE, please see details below.

Justice and Compassion Track for Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Do you want to pursue God and know His heart more? Do you want to know how to respond to the issues of injustice, and the vulnerable and marginalised in the world around you?
For this track of the DTS, we want to help you discover how those two are one and the same. As you pursue the God of Justice and Compassion, and as you also pursue His heart, then, in turn, you will learn how to respond from that place of relationship to the world around you.

We want to raise up a generation of young people passionate about the God of Justice not simply the Justice of God. We want to see a generation who understand God's Compassion for the world and want to show that to the world.
For us it’s not just about pursuing social justice. But first and foremost pursuing God. Then naturally that relationship with God will impact how you live out your life and how you respond to the people and situations you face in your every day. Throughout the training and into outreach, prayer and worship are established as the foundation to breakthrough and transformation.

God’s heart is for justice and compassion! So as you encounter Him you can’t help but become passionate about justice and compassion! Then watch and see how encountering His heart will change you and every relationship in your life.

DTS Weekly Speakers...
We are in the classroom having speakers talk for a week about topics like Hearing God's Voice, the Father-heart of God, Relationships, Identity, Worship and Intercession, to name a few, with all the DTS tracks. This time is set aside for you to learn, grow and encounter God on a deeper level. This is such a transforming time, and will bring new depths of revelation and insight that could change the trajectory of your life!

Specific Training...
For a more focused time twice a week we will spend time digging into the Bible in order to understand God's heart for justice and compassion and exploring how we should respond as He does.
As part of that, we will spend time learning about a specific injustice issue like human trafficking, poverty, genocide, child soldiers, gender inequality, the persecuted church, and refugees - to name some. This is one of our favourite times of the week, because our expectation is this will be a time of raising awareness and learning more on a wider array of injustice issues you may not know are going on in the world. But also an opportunity to go deeper and learn more about specific topics,helping you discover where and what your part is in bringing transformation. More importantly, our hope is that you understand how Jesus' love, hope, and life can impact the most vulnerable through you!

This DTS is an opportunity for you to focus on your relationship with God and who you are in Him. And how He wants you to respond to others in light of this! The transformation starts with you, but doesn’t stop there!


At Ignite 6:8 we are 100% committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of those who are the most vulnerable; those who are being exploited and abused.

We focus our efforts coming alongside those who are the ministry frontliners committed to fight against injustice within their particular nation. Our goal is to practically support them so they feel encouraged and energised to do what God has called them to do for the long haul. It's so awesome to be able to hear first-hand what their work is like, and how God is making a difference through them tangibly to those trapped in the web of injustice and abuse. By making a difference for THEM -- we make a difference in the lives of those they minister to every single day.

Expect to invest in a way that is long-lasting and meaningful by simply being obedient to what God is asking us to do to help. THAT is radical. THAT is what outreach is all about.


Notes about fees:

Fees are quoted in New Zealand Dollars. The exchange amount from your local currency will be dependent on the exchange rate of the day payment is received. Any adjustments to the amount you owe will be made when you arrive.

Lecture Phase fees are INCLUSIVE of tuition, accommodation, food costs, one school trip and all school-related transportation.

Outreach Phase fees include air tickets and ground fees (accommodation, meals and outreach transportation). **The outreach fees may vary depending on the cost of air tickets and location.** This is why we usually tell students to plan between $3500-$7500 NZD. Any travel outside the Southeast Asia area may require a higher amount to be paid for the air tickets. There will potentially be extra costs for visas, and any required immunisations.

Please note for couples, all fees are per person.


We also have some fun times planned! Being a summer school, we will be going to the beach as much as possible in our free time on the weekends! NZ summer is the BEST!!

Check out all the DTS information at YWAM Furnace https://www.ywamfurnace.nz/training/discipleship-training-schools/ YWAM Furnace

We hope you will thoroughly enjoy your time with us!!