Here is something you can get involved in, anywhere, at anytime!

"Since God is everywhere and infinitely great, prayer must be all-pervasive in our lives"Tim Keller

Everyone can pray, you don’t need to be somewhere specific, have a certain set of skills, have particular resources. You can pray, whoever you are, wherever you are and whenever you want. Prayer is the bedrock where change happens. Without the under-girding of prayer, the issues of injustice would be insurmountable. This is a doable option for everyone!

And we do so with such HOPE in our God with whom all things are possible!


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you pray about justice issues?

Do you feel like you don’t know what to pray?

Or feel like your prayers aren’t that effective?

Join us for Justice Prayer.

It's a time where we learn the facts about a specific issue. We dig into the roots of the issue, to discover the societal lies that allow it to happen. Then we search out what God says about it and what His truth is what brings freedom.

Justice Prayer is held on the first Tuesday of every month, 7-9Pm at The Sanctuary.

See our Facebook page for our next topic. Or contact us for more info.