So seriously... what really IS going on in the world of social injustice today?

Great question!! Our Justice Nights are a journey into a specific area of social injustice enslaving people in our own back yards, as well as around the globe.  The format for each Night will be varied. Whether we have someone coming to share about what they are currently doing to fight or prevent injustice, or showing a movie or documentary and having a discussion about it -- all will help you get your head around these issues and bring into focus what YOU can do to get involved!

Justice Nights are being offered locally in Tauranga, NZ on the third Tuesday of every month. For more information, send us an email.  Hope to see you there!

NEXT JUSTICE EVENT: Empowered to Engage

We are doing a training day for the month of September in place of our usual Tuesday Justice Night! This will be a training to give you practical tools to respond in a biblical way as a bystander when faced with a potentially abusive situation. 4th September, 12:30-4:30, at Abundant Life Church This event is koha appreciated and there will be afternoon tea provided. Please RSVP by registering here: Click Me

About the speakers:

Roger and Sue Wilks are family Pastors in Matua. Sue has a background in teaching, Roger in Care giving and admin roles. As believers in the power of collaboration to see positive change in communities, they became involved in the ‘Family Violence It’s Not OK’ campaign while living in Te Puke. They are passionate to see the Christian community mobilised as part of the solution to Family violence in New Zealand. “The stats in NZ are shocking and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but we know that change happens one life at a time. We want to be part of seeing God’s kingdom come and will down here as it is in Heaven."

Jess Drummond is a passionate young adult who is the lead co-ordinator of Freedom New Zealand, an organisation focusing on raising awareness of the issues of sexual exploitation within New Zealand. Her main focus is using social media and networking with others to bring this issue into the light and creating a community that is aware of the harms and effects of it. “My heart is for people young and old to be aware of the harms and effects of sexual exploitation, and for them to have a knowledge of what part they can play to stop it from happening in their country so frequently, through practical steps but also through believing and declaring God is more powerful than the darkness of these issues."